Angelina Palmen


Wolfson College


DPhil Oriental Studies (Modern Jewish History)

Thesis Title:

Work and Gender: German Jews Between Capitalism and the Welfare State 1890–1918



Research Interests:

My dissertation, supervised by Professor David Rechter, examines how gender was imagined and practiced by Jews in Wilhelmine Germany in relation to the question of women's work outside the home. My research interests include Jewish occupational and business history, gender, women's history, as well as the histories of Jewish and German feminism. I am passionate about feminist scholarship, mixed methodologies and inter-disciplinary research, teaching and public outreach.

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

2021             'Josephine Levy Rathenau.' A brief biography of a German-Jewish social work pioneer.

                     (Forthcoming) on Jewish Women's Archive at

2021             Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association Conference (Bloomington, Indiana):

                     'Gender and Work in the Berlin-Jewish Garment Trade Jewish Feminists and Jewish 'Capitalists' in Conversation,'

                     Panel: Fashioning Jewish Girls and Women in Germany at the Turn of the Century,'

                     with response from Professor Kerry Wallach (Gettysburg College) 

2019             Summer Institute for Modern and Contemporary Judaism (Oxford):

                     Respondent on panel for Modern Jewish History & Gender

2018-2020    Leo Baeck Fellows' Workshops in German-Jewish History (Leipzig; Brighton):

                     Thesis presentation and Response

2019-2020    Posen Fellows' Workshops (Berkeley):

                     Thesis presentation and Response

2017             Gender and Inequality Interdisciplinary Workshop (Glasgow/Oxford)

                     'Patriotism, Patronage and Empowerment: German-Jewish Clothiers and 'their' Women Workers 1914–1918'

Angelina Palmen