Bo Hu


Instructor in Chinese 

Faculty / College Address:

China Centre / The Queen's College


Research Interests:

  • Chinese language learning strategy
  • Chinese language learning difficulty
  • Beliefs about second language learning
  • Defining vocabulary in classrooms

Current Projects:

  • Defining vocabulary in classrooms
  • Character learning strategies
  • Translatability (theories and distinctions)

Courses Taught:

  • Modern Chinese Language: listening comprehension, oral presentation, characters, grammar, translation, debate, newspaper reading, etc.
  • Literature texts
  • Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Module

Recent Publications:

  • Word concreteness and word translatability: relations and implications for second language acquisition. with L, Tian. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics. forthcoming 
  • About character learning: critically presenting twenty years’ research evidence. International Chinese Language Education, 2012, 2, 134-149
  • The challenges of blended learning: critically evaluating the Chinese language case.The EUROCALL Review, 2012, 20, 2
  • Do teachers and students of Chinese share similar beliefs about teaching and learning strategies? with L, Tian. System, 2012, 40, 2, 237-254 
  • The challenges of Chinese: a preliminary study of UK learners' perceptions of difficulty. Language Learning Journal, 2010, 38, 1, 99- 118 
  • Chinese tone learning strategies and tone competence. Journal of International Chinese Language Teaching and Learning (now International Chinese Language Education), 2007, 4, [in Chinese]

Further Info:


  • Enclosure: An absurdist allegory on the reality of transposition. He Hai. In B.Kennedy, A.Mitha, L.Waiwright (eds), Triennial City: Localising Asian Art, 2014. 
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