Christie Carr


Wolfson College


DPhil Oriental Studies 

Thesis Title:

Conceptualising Female Sexuality in the World’s Oldest Erotic Poetry: Metaphor and the Sumerian "Love Songs"

Educational Background:

University of Oxford | DPhil Oriental Studies (Assyriology)| Open-Oxford-Cambridge DTP AHRC| Wolfson College Marriot Scholarship| Oct 2020-present | Supervisor: Professor Jacob Dahl

University of Oxford | MPhil Cuneiform Studies| Distinction | AHRC Full Scholarship| 2018-2020

University of Exeter| MA Classics & Ancient History | Distinction | Department and Dean Commendations | 2016-2017

University of Exeter | BA English | First Class (Hons) | 2011-2014

Research Interests:

The Sumerian "Love Songs"; Conceptual metaphor theory; Gender, sexuality and the body; Sumerian and Akkadian literature; receptions of the ANE; Sargonic Akkadian; cylinder seals


Sumerian; Akkadian; Old Babylonian literature; Women & Gender in Mesopotamia

Outreach researcher for Oxplore - teaching KS3 introductory sessions on Cuneiform/Sumerian

Course Leader- Introduction to Sumerian, The Classical Association of Scotland Online Seminar Series (Oct 2021),

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

Co-organiser of the Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Assyriology (OPCA)

Co-organiser of the TORCH Critical-thinking Communities (Doctoral Network) Teaching and Translating Taboo

'Liminal Lives: Tolstoy's Esarhaddon, King of Assyria'- Conference Paper- OPCA 2022-(April 2022) [publication forthcoming]

Metaphor in the Sumerian "Love Songs"- Seminar Paper- Oxford Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Seminar- (Feb 2022)

'Sexuality and Gendered Hierarchy: Old Babylonian Sumerian poetry; Ming-Qing literature'- Seminar paper- Gender Identities in early and premodern text cultures-University of Oxford (Feb 2022)

Course Leader- Introduction to Sumerian, The Classical Association of Scotland Online Seminar Series (Oct 2021),

'Desire and Hunger; Women and Food: The Earliest Example of a Universal Conceptual Metaphor in the Sumerian “Love Songs”?'- Conference Paper- 67th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale: Eating and Drinking in the Ancient Near East- University of Torino (July 2021) [publication forthcoming]

'Seeing Straight: Considering "Heterosexuality" in the Sumerian "Love Songs"'- Conference Paper- Fourth Workshop on Gender, Methodology and the Ancient Near East- University of Helsinki- (June 2021)

'The Sumerian "Love Songs": Unearthing the earliest expressions of female sexuality'- Conference Paper- Modern Women of the Past? Unearthing Gender and Antiquity Conference- University of Sydney- (March 2021)

'The Sumerian Debate Poems'- Reading group convenor- 'Mesopotamian and Egyptian Cosmogonies'-

'Conceptualising Fertility in Mesopotamian Literature'- Conference Paper- OPCA (April 2019)

'Transcending and Transforming Sex: The Powers of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna/Ishtar'- Conference Paper- Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature (July 2017)


Christie Carr