Christopher Melchert


Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies / Pembroke College


Research Interests:

Islamic Movements and Institutions, Ninth-Tenth Centuries C.E.

Current Projects:

The Mukhtaṣars of al-Buwayṭī (Shāfiʿi), al-Muzanī (Shāfiʿi), and al-Khiraqī (Ḥanbali).

Courses Taught:

Hadith, Islamic law, and early Sufism

Recent Publications:

‘Renunciants in Africa under the Aghlabids’, The Maghreb review 47 (2022): 292-314.

‘Kitāb al-Ḥujjah ʿalá ahl al-Madīnah and the transition from regional schools to personal’, Studia Islamica, no 117 (2022), 64-87.

‘Al-Shāfiʿī against the Kufan school’, Islamic law and society 29 (2022): 34-57.

‘The Inquisition outside Baghdad’, Journal of the American Oriental Society 141 (2021): 201-10.

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Photograph of Christopher Melchert