Dan Yang

College: University College

Course: DPhil Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Supervisor: Professor Tian Yuan Tan

Educational Background:

MA in Chinese Studies (Literature Pathway), SOAS, University of London

BA in International Cultural Communication, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Research Interests:

Classical Chinese drama; Ming-Qing literature; Studies of Kunqu

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:


Translation of “In Praise of This Prosperous and Harmonious Empire: Sanqu, Ming Anthologies, and the Imperial Court” (2021) by Tian Yuan Tan (from English to Chinese). To be published as“国祚风和太平了”:散曲、明代选集与宫廷in a collection of essays under the Haiwai hanxue yanjiu xinshiye congshu海外漢學研究新視野叢書series (Nanjing daxue chubanshe, in preparation).


“A Comparison on Three Editions of the Qing Court Drama Wanhua xiangrong, Yuyuan xianrui.” In Digital Humanities and Literary Transmissions in Pre-modern East Asia Workshop (26 September 2023, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi).


“The Textual Forms and Generation of Kunqu Singing Rules: Wei Liangfu’s Qulü in Late Ming Qu Anthologies.” In Premodern Chinese Literature as an Archive of Vernacular Knowledge and Everyday Life Culture (20-22 August 2023, University of Oxford, Oxford, in collaboration online with National Taiwan University, Taipei).

“The Comparison of Tunes in Nanci dinglü, Jiugong dacheng nanbeici gongpu, and Nashuying simeng quanpu: Take ‘The Interrupted Dream’ in The Peony Pavilion as a Case.” In Kuawenhua shiyexia de Ming Qing gongting xiqu wenxian yu guji shuzihua yanjiu跨文化視野下的明清宮廷戲曲文獻與古籍數字化研究(Late Imperial Chinese Court Drama and Digitisation of Ancient Texts in Cross-Cultural Perspectives) (19-20 May 2023, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, in collaboration online with University of Oxford, Oxford).

“The Disappearance of Phonological Markers: Editorial Ideologies of Scores and Kunqu Pure Singing Rules in Eighteenth-Century China.” In BACS Annual Conference (31 August-1 September 2022, University of Oxford, Oxford).


Academic Work:

Shaw Research Assistant (July 2023-Present)


Research Assistant in the Project: “TEXTCOURT: Linking the Textual Worlds of Chinese Court Theater, ca. 1600-1800” (January 2022-April 2023) https://textcourt.ames.ox.ac.uk/about/project-team/10/. As a project work, my performance of a Kunqu aria can be seen in this video: https://textcourt.ames.ox.ac.uk/visualise/videos/ .



For further information, I am a member of the CCKF-funded Project “Textual Forms and the Construction of Knowledge in Late Ming Qu Anthologies” (November 2021-Present).