Dominic Parviz Brookshaw


Associate Professor of Persian Literature; Senior Research Fellow in Persian at Wadham College

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Wadham College


Research Interests:

  • The genesis and development of the Persian ghazal
  • The erotic dimensions of the poet-patron relationship in pre-modern Iran
  • The comparative study of Arabic and Persian wine poetry
  • The performance contexts of pre-modern Persian lyric poetry
  • Palace description in the pre-modern Persian qasida
  • Poetry and its patrons in early Qajar Iran (circa 1797-1848)
  • The Bazgasht-i adabi
  • Women poets of the Persianate world
  • Literature of the Iranian diaspora
  • Non-Muslim minorities of modern Iran
  • Persian language pedagogy

Courses Taught:

  • Persian Literature 1000-1400 CE
  • Persian Literature 1400-1900 CE
  • Persian Literature 1900-present day

Recent Publications:

Edited Volumes:

  • Ruse and Wit: The Humorous in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Narrative, Harvard University Press (2012)
  • Forugh Farrokhzad, Poet of Modern Iran:  Iconic Woman and Feminine Pioneer of New Persian Poetry (co-edited with Nasrin Rahimieh), I.B. Tauris (2010)

Journal Articles:

  • "Mytho-Political Remakings of Ferdowsi's Jamshid in the Lyric Poetry of Injuid and Mozaffarid Shiraz," Iranian Studies, 48:3 (2015), 463-487
  • "Qajar Confection: The Production and Dissemination of Women's Poetry in Early Nineteenth-century Iran," Middle Eastern Literatures, 17:2 (2014), 113-146
  • "Lascivious Vines, Corrupted Virgins, and Crimes of Honor: Variations on the Wine Production Myth as Narrated in Early Persian Poetry," Iranian Studies, 47:1 (2014), 87-129 
  • "Women in Praise of Women: Female Poets and Female Patrons in Qajar Iran," Iranian Studies, 46:1 (2013), 17-48
  • "To be Feared and Desired: Turks in the Collected Works of ‘Ubayd-i Zakani," Iranian Studies, 42:5 (2009), 725-744
  • "Revivification of an Ossified Genre? Simin Behbahani and the Persian Ghazal," Iranian Studies, 41:1 (2008), 75-90
  • "Odes of a Poet-princess: the Ghazals of Jahan-Malik Khatun," Iran XLIII (2005), 173-195
  • "Palaces, Pavilions and Pleasure-gardens: the Context and Setting of the Medieval Majlis," Middle Eastern Literatures, 6:2 (2003), 199-223

Book Chapters:

  • "Women Poets," in Asghar Seyed-Gohrab (ed), Literature of the Early Twentieth Century: From the Constitutional Period to Reza ShahA History of Persian Literature, vol. XI, I.B. Tauris (2015), 240-310
  • "Have You Heard the One about the Man from Qazvin? Regionalist Humor in the Works of ‘Ubayd-i Zakani," in Dominic Parviz Brookshaw (ed), Ruse and Wit: The Humorous in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Narrative, Harvard University Press (2012), 44-69
  • "Places of Confinement, Liberation, and Decay: The Home and the Garden in the Poetry of Forugh Farrokhzad," in Dominic Parviz Brookshaw and Nasrin Rahimieh (eds), Forugh Farrokhzad, Poet of Modern Iran: Iconic Woman and Feminine Pioneer of New Persian Poetry, I.B. Tauris (2010), 35-52

Encyclopaedia Entries:

  • "Persian Literature," in Natana J. Delong-Bas (ed), The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women, Oxford University Press (2013)
  • "Persian Literature: Major Developments Since 1990," in John L. Esposito (ed), The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, Oxford University Press (2009), 4:362-363
  • "Jahan-Malek Khatun," in E. Yarshater (ed), Encyclopaedia Iranica, XIV: iv (2008), 383-385  

Persian Language Vocabulary and Textbooks:

  • Media Persian: An Essential Vocabulary, Edinburgh University Press (2011)
  • The Routledge Introductory Persian Course: Farsi Shirin Ast (co-authored with Pouneh Shabani Jadidi) Routledge (2010)
  • The Routledge Intermediate Persian Course: Farsi Shirin Ast Book 2 (co-authored with Pouneh Shabani Jadidi) Routledge (2012)

Further Info:

Editorial Roles:

  • Middle Eastern Literatures, member of Editorial Board (January 2014–present)
  • Iranian Studies, Assistant Editor (January 2004–January 2014), member of Editorial Board (January 2014-present)
  •, member of Editorial Board (September 2014-present)
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