Jieun Kiaer


Young Bin Min-KF Professor of Korean Linguistics

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Hertford College



Research Interest:

- Theoretical linguistics:

Syntax/prosody interface, expressive semantics, pragmatics, particle functional grammar

- Applied linguistics:

Translanguaging, bi/multilingualism, language acquisition, translation studies, intercultural communication, heritage language learning

- Korean and East Asian Linguistics

- Communication in the Metaverse

- The impact of the pandemic on learning and communication

- Foreign language anxiety

- Emojis and visual modes of communication online

Courses Taught

  1. Empirical syntax
  2. Bilingualism and Translanguaging
  3. Issues in translating Asian literature
  4. Particle Grammar: Functional Perspective
  5. Introduction to Korean linguistics, Korean grammar, history and structure of Korean, Middle Korean (15th century) 
  6. Lexical interaction between East and West
  7. Korean Pragmatics
  8. Translating Modern Korean Literature
  9. Multilingualism in East Asia

Current Projects

  1. Conversing in the Metaverse
  2. Online Meetings

Recent Publications


2012 (with J. Shin and J.Cha) The Sounds of Korean, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

2012. (with J. Yeon and L.Brown) The Routledge Intermediate Korean Reader, Routledge, UK.

2014. Pragmatic Syntax, Bloomsbury, UK.

2014. The History of English Loanwords in Korean, Lincom Europa, Germany.

2014. The lives of Anglo-Korean Words (in Korean), Pakijung, Seoul, Korea. [written in Korean]

2014. The Old Korean Poetry, Lincom Europa, Germany.

2014. Jeju Language: Tales from the Edge of the Korean Peninsula, Lincom Europa, Germany.

2015. (with H. Flint) Start Korean Hodder & Stoughton. UK.

2017. The Routledge Course in Korean Translation, Routledge, UK.

2018. Translingual words: an East Asian lexical encounter with English, Routledge, UK.

2019. (with Jennifer Guest and Amy Xiofan Li) Between Visibility and Invisibility: Translation and Translators in East Asia, Routledge, UK.

2019. Korean Literature Through the Korean Wave, Routledge, UK.

2019. Jeju Haenyeo: Historical Records, Interviews and Songs. Lincom Europa, Germany.

2019. (with Song, J.) Eoneoui aideul [Young children’s language]. Science Books, Korea. [published in Korean]

2020. Pragmatic Particles: Findings from Asian Languages, Bloomsbury, UK.

2020. Delicious Words: East Asian Food Words in English, Routledge, UK.

2020. Study Abroad in Korea: Korean Language and Culture, Routledge, UK.

2021. (with Jessica Morgan, Naya Choi, Julie Dearden) Young Children’s Foreign Language Anxiety: South Korea in Focus, Multilingual matters, Bristol, UK.

2021. Missionary Translators: Translations of Christian Texts in East Asia, Routledge, UK.

2021. Understanding Korean Film: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, Routledge, UK.

2021. Reading and Writing Korean: A workbook for self-study, Tuttle, UK.

2021. (with Yates-Lu, A. and Mandersloot, M.) On Translating Modern Korean Poetry, Routledge, UK.

(Forthcoming 2022) Emoji Speak

(Forthcoming 2022) Learning Beyond Words, Multilingual Matters, UK.


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Photograph of Dr Jieun Kiaer