Joel Bell


Christ Church


DPhil in Hebrew and Jewish Studies


Educational Background:

2004-2008: Furman University (BS in Health and Exercise Science)

2012-2016: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv in Christian Ministry)

2016-2018: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM in Old Testament Studies). 

                    ThM Thesis titled Studies in Septuagint Leviticus: Linguistics, Tradition, and Lexical Choice.

Research Interests:

My DPhil thesis, supervised by Alison G. Salvesen, focuses on the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew book of Job. The thesis contextualizes that translation in its textual milieu to elucidate the literary and cultural concerns the translator. Other research interests of mine include Hebrew grammar and poetry, Septuagint and Hebrew Bible textual criticism, the Old Syriac Gospels, and post-Classical Greek prosody. 

Recent Publications and/or Conference Papers:

2018    International Septuaginta Deutsch Conference (Wuppertal)

            “To Eat or Not to Eat? YHWH’s Food In LXX Leviticus”

2018    Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Denver)  

            “ΔΙΚΑΙΩΜΑ: A Curious Case of Semantic Borrowing”

2019    Workshop of the Historical Theological Lexicon of the Septuagint (Oxford)

            “Δε Διονις Κασσιι Βοκαβουλις: Semantic Development, Roman Authors, and Septuagint Lexicography”   

2019    Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting (Rome)

            “Archaic Lexemes in Old Greek Job”

2019    Biblical & Rabbinic Hebrew: New Perspectives in Philology & Linguistics (Cambridge)

            “The Poetry of Job through O’Connor’s Lens with an Emphasis on Intra-lineal Syntax”

2019    International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (Aberdeen)

            “Eclecticism in Croatian Bible Translations”

2019    Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (San Diego)

            "Decolonizing Κατάκριμα: Usage, Translations, and Lexica"

2019    Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (San Diego)

            "The Relation of RA 2110 to Hexaplaric Readings in Psalms 24–32; 77:30-82:16"



Joel Bell