John Gurney


Retired University Lecturer, Persian History 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Wadham College


Research Interests:

  • Iranian history, especially the Safavids and the Qajars

Current Projects:

  • A socio-economic study of Qum in the later nineteenth century
  • Tehran in the Qajar period
  • A biographical study of Edward Granville Browne (1862-1926)
  • A catalogue of the Browne papers in the Cambridge University Library

Recent Publications:

  • 'The historiography of Qum in the Naseri period', in Ganjineh-e Shehab-e Shari'at ( Qum , 2001),vol.2,pp.65-94 [in Persian]
  • 'Qum in the famine of 1288 qamari/ 1871-72', in Ganjineh-e Shehab-e Shari'at ( Qum , 2002), vol.3, pp.131-200 [in Persian]
  • 'Legations and gardens, sahibs and their subalterns', Journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies , vol.40 (2002), pp.203-32
  • 'The shaikh, the shahzadeh and the scholar: Edward Browne's Safarnameh', in Sayeh sar-e mehrabani( Tehran , 2004), ed. Mostafa Zamani-Nia, pp.437-504. [in Persian]

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