Jordan Miller


The Queen's College


DPhil Oriental Studies (Egyptology)


jordan.miller [at] orinst [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk

Educational Background:

I read for a BA in Oriental Studies (Egyptology with Akkadian) at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, receiving the Gibbs Prize in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and the Arthur Lenman Senior Memorial Prize. I stayed on for an MSt in Oriental Studies as a Clarendon Scholar, training in art-historical approaches alongside specialised work on Egyptian images and texts. I am now working towards my doctorate as the Barns Student in Egyptology at The Queen's College.

Research Interests:

My DPhil project (supervised by Prof. John Baines and Dr Elizabeth Frood) explores the forms and construction of 'composite' images in ancient Egyptian visual culture. These include 'mixed' human-animal and multi-animal forms of deities and demons. Currently, I concentrate on the usage, distribution and significance of ophidian elements in such images.

Major goals of my research are to explain the ubiquity, rarity or ostensible non-existence of certain anatomical configurations, to situate the incorporation of animal elements within a wider set of ancient Egyptian representational strategies centred on the body, and to model and compare iconographies between periods and contexts.

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

Presentation. Fantastic beasts and how to view them: From concept to representation in ancient Egyptian art (Harris Manchester–Homerton Graduate Research Day, University of Cambridge, 2018)

Presentation. Intertwined, intermezzo: The serpopard in context (Egyptology Graduate Conference, Brown University, 2017)

Jordan Miller
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