Kate Crosby


Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies

Faculty/College Affiliation:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies/Balliol College

Research Interests:

Sanskrit literature, Buddhist Texts in Sanskrit, Pali and Pali-vernacular mix, Theravada Buddhism, including medieval, pre-modern and modern, Theravada meditation especially pre-reform.

Current Projects:

Pre-reform boran kammatthana meditation manuscripts and practices. Buddhism and International Humanitarian Law. Buddhism and Food Ethics.

Courses Taught:

MPhil in Buddhist Studies, Various courses on Buddhism, Buddhist Sanskrit and Pali

Recent Publications:


Theravada Buddhism: Continuity, Diversity, Identity. Oxford: Blackwell-Wiley, 2014. ISBN: 9781405189064


Esoteric Theravada: The Story of the Forgotten Meditation Tradition of Southeast Asia. Boulder, Colorado: Shambhala. 2020. 9781611807943

with Andrew Skilton and Pyi Phyo Kyaw, (eds.) Variety in Theravada Meditation. Special issue of Contemporary Buddhism  Summer 2019. Taylor and Francis. ISSN 14639947.

With Andrew Bartles-Smith et al. (eds.) Buddhism and International Humanitarian Law. Special issue of Contemporary Buddhism, vol 22, issues 1 and 2, 2021. Taylor and Francis. ISSN 14639947

Book Chapters

‘The Impact of the Science-Religion Bifurcation on the Landscape of Modern Theravada Meditation’ in Steven Collins and Juliane Schober (eds). Theravada Encounters with Modernity. London: Routledge 2017: 29-46.


 ‘The Shared Origins of Traditionalism and Secularism in Theravada Buddhism’ in Richard Payne (ed.) Secularizing Buddhism. Boulder, Colorado: Shambala Publications. 2021. Chapter 6: 135–161.


With Pyi Phyo Kyaw, ‘Meditation: Techniques and Processes of Transformation’ in Steven Berkwitz and Ashley Thompson (eds.) Handbook of Theravada Buddhism. Routledge. Forthcoming 2021.


With Pyi Phyo Kyaw, ‘Transformation and Abhidhamma in Three Theravada Meditation Traditions’ in Toshiichi Endo And Mingyuan Gao (eds.) Illuminating the Dharma: Buddhist Studies in Honour of Venerable Professor KL Dhammajoti. Hong Kong: Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong. 2021: 29–50.


With Nagasena Bhikkhu, ‘Sīmā Basics from Buddha to Burma’ in Jason Carbine and Erik W. Davies eds. Sīmās: Foundations of Buddhist Religion. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press 2022: 14-42. 



With Janaka Ashin, ‘All too Human: The Impact of International Buddhist Networks on the Life and Posthumous Conviction of the Burmese Nationalist Monk, Shin Ukkaṭṭha (1897-1978).’ The Journal for the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (JISASR) vol 3, 2016: 219-235.


With Janaka Ashin ‘Heresy and Monastic Malpractice in the Buddhist Court Cases (vinicchaya) of Modern Burma (Myanmar). Contemporary Buddhism 2017, 16, 1: 199-261.


‘Abhidhamma and Nimitta in 18th-century Meditation Manuscripts from Sri Lanka: A consideration of Orthodoxy and Heteropraxy in boran kammaṭṭhāna.’ In Crosby, Kyaw and Skilton (eds.) Variety in Theravada Meditation. Special issue. 2019: 111-151.


With Andrew Bartles-Smith, Peter Harvey, P.D. Premarsiri, Asanga Tilakaratne et al. ‘Reducing Suffering During Conflict: The Interface between Buddhism and International Humanitarian Law.’ Contemporary Buddhism 2021, 2: 369–345.



Current DPhil Students:

Ven. Kota Bhatsakorn

Ven. Tuan Huynh

Ven. Wanyu Zhang

Miss Isara Treesahakiat

Miss Chontida Poonpipat