Mallica Kumbera Landrus


Teaching Curator, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology; University Engagement Programme (Funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation) 

Faculty / College Address:

Ashmolean Museum


Research Interests:

  • Art and Architecture in India
  • Visual culture in the Colonial period
  • Artistic and cultural exchange between Asia and Europe

Current Projects:

  • Art, architecture and visual culture in Goa
  • Indian sculpture: form and performance
  • Nationalism and Identity in 20th century South Asia

Courses Taught:

  • Material and Visual Culture of South Asia (For the MPhil and MSt in Modern South Asian Studies)
  • Medicine and Visual Culture (For Fourth Year Special Study Module in Clinical Medicine)
  • Supervision on topics in South Asian art and architecture
  • Contributions to: Introduction to the History of Art (BA History of Art); Theory and Methods in the History of Art (MSt History of Art); Heritage Science and Conservation (BSc in Geography and the Environment); Dawn of the Global World 1450-1800 (MSt in Modern British and European History); The Evolution of Modern Management (MBA Säid Business School); and other contributions in various modules in International Development, Säid Business School, History Faculty, Geography, and Oriental Studies.
  • Co-convernor “Byzantium and Islam: Ideas and objects on the move” research seminar in the History Faculty.

Recent Publications:

  • ‘Trans-cultural Temples: Identity and Practice in Goa,’ in In the Shadow of the Golden Age: Art and Identity from Gandhara to the Modern Age, ed. Julia Hegewald, Studies in Asian Art and Culture, Berlin (Forthcoming, 2014).
  • ‘Sculptures from Kerala: Form and Performance’, in Marg Publications, Mumbai, March 2014.
  • “Women Representing Women,” in Tradition, Trauma, Transformation: Representations of Women, Brown University, March 2011.
  • “Early Masterpieces, 1950s-70s” in M.F. Husain, Brown University, February 2010.
  • “Goa: the Rome of the Orient,” in Baroque, 1620-1800: Style in the Age of Magnificence, eds. Nigel Llewellyn and Michael Snodin. London: V & A Publishing, 2009.
  • Catalogue entries on the Indian objects [Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Colonial] in Selected Works, Catalogue of the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence 2008, pp. 48-52.
  • “Portuguese Goa – Taking Ownership with Architecture,” in Vanamala, ed. Klaus Bruhn and Gerd Mevissen, Wiedler Buchverlag, Berlin, 2006, pp. 97–107.
  • “Vijayanagara Art: A Political and Historical Metaphor,” in Sagar 10 (University of Texas at Austin, 2003) 78–101.

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