Michael Willis


University Research Lecturer and King Mohamed VI Fellow in Moroccan and Mediterranean Studies 

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / St Antony's College



Research Interests:

  • Politics, modern history and international relations of the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia)

Current Projects:

  • Sole authored book on the comparative politics of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.
  • Conference and edited book on reform processes in Morocco.

Courses Taught:

  • North African Politics (MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies)
  • The Maghreb Since 1830 (MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies)
  • International Relations of the Middle East (MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies)

Recent Publications:

  • 'Justice and Development or Justice and Spirituality?: The Challenge of Morocco's Non-Violent Islamist Movement' in Bruce Maddy-Weitzman and Daniel Zisenwine (Editors): The Maghrib in the New Century: Identity, Religion and Politics (University of Florida Press, Gainesville, 2007)
  • 'The Politics of Berber (Amazigh) Identity' in Yahia H. Zoubir and Haizam Amirah-Fernandez (Editors), North Africa: Politics, Region and the Limits of Transformation (Routledge, London, 2007)
  • 'Containing Radicalism Through the Political Process in North Africa' Mediterranean Politics Special Issue: 'Transnational Islam and Regional Security: Cooperation and Diversity between Europe and North Africa' (Volume 11, Number 2, July 2006)
  • (with Nizar Messari) 'Analyzing Moroccan Foreign Policy and Relations with Europe' in Gerd Nonneman (Editor), Analyzing Middle Eastern Foreign Policies: The Relationships with Europe (Routledge, London & New York, 2005)

Photograph of Michael Willis