Nadia Jamil


Senior Instructor in Classical and Modern Standard Arabic

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute / Wolfson College


Research Interests:

  • The language of early Arabic poetry: representations of the pre-Islamic ethic and its transformation in early Islam
  • Middle Arabic Grammar

Current Projects:

  • Monograph on Imru' al-Qays: the Arabian ethic before Islam
  • The Arabic documents of Norman Siciliy, a new critical edition - with Jeremy Johns
  • Working, with Julia Bray, on an updated edition of Media Arabic, Edinhburgh University Press.

Courses Taught:

  • Elementary Standard Arabic
  • Arabic language and Media Arabic for the MPhil in Modern Middle East Studies
  • Historical Arabic for the MPhil in Medieval and Classical Islam
  • Classical and Modern Standard Arabic as a subsidiary subject
  • Option on the pre-Islamic ethic as represented in the poetry of Imru' al-Qays
  • Further subject on the transformation of the pre-Islamic Arabian ethic in early Arabic poetry

Recent Publications:

  • "Caliph and Qutb. Poetry as a Source for Interpreting the Transformation of the Byzantine Cross on Steps on Umayyad Coinage", Bayt al-Maqdis, Jerusalem and Early Islam, ed. J Johns, Oxford Studies in Islamic Art, IX. Part Two (Oxford University Press, 1999), pp 11-57.
  • "An original Arabic document from crusader Antioch (1213 AD)", in Texts, Documents and Artefacts: Islamic Studies in Honour of D. S. Richards, ed. Chase F. Robinson (Brill, 2003), pp 157-90 (first author, with Jeremy Johns).
  • "Playing for Time: maysir-gambling in early Arabic poetry", in Islamic Reflections, Arabic Musings: Studies in Honour of Alan Jones, eds Robert G. Hoyland & Philip F. Kennedy, (Gibb Memorial Trust, 2004), pp48-90.
  • "Signs of the times: Arabic signatures as a measure of acculturation in Norman Sicily", Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World, vol. 21 (Leiden, 2004 = Festschrift Professor J. M. Rogers, 2005), pp181-92 (second author, with Jeremy Johns).
Photograph of Nadia Jamil