Otared Haidar


Lecturer in Arabic

Lecturer of Arabic at Wadham's College

Coordinator of Preliminary Examinations

Faculty / College Address:

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Wadham College

University of Oxford




DPhil. in Arabic Literature, (Oxford University 2005). Thesis: Arabic and Comparative Literature, Literary Theory and Journalism.

MSt. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies (Oxford University 1998). Dissertation: Media History and Discourse Analysis).

PGDip. in Education (Oxford University 2005) Dissertation: Teaching Arabic Literature, Culture and Language at British Universities.

PGDip. in Islamic Studies and Humanities (The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, 1997). Islamic Studies and Civilization. Graduation Internship&Project: Muslims' Media in North America (Prof. Karim Karim at Carlton University).

Research Interests:

  • Early Modern to Modern Arabic and Comparative Literature, media studies, Intellectual and Cultural History, Syria and the Levant

Current Projects:

  • Narrating the Syrian War: Cultural Politics and Resistance in the Middle East, (Forthcoming).

Selected list of Taught and Designed Courses:

  • Text-Based Language Development, (classes), The Oriental Institute, Oxford Univ., (2019-Present).
  • Literary Enrichment, (classes), The Oriental Institute, Oxford Univ., (2018-Present)
  • Elementary Arabic, (Classes), The Oriental Institute, Oxford Univ., (1998-present).
  • Arabic Media Text, (Classes), The Oriental Institute, Oxford Univ. (2005-2018).
  • Modern Arabic Literature, (Tutorials), Wadham and St-Catherine’s Colleges (2008-2018).
  • Middle Eastern Politics, Wadham’s College (Tutorials), Oxford Univ., (2016-2017).
  • Arabic Prose (Tutorials), The Oriental Institute, Oxford Univ., (1998-present).
  • Middle Eastern History and Culture, The Washington International Studies Council (WISC) &The Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP), Oxford (2015-2016).
  • Arabic Novel in Translation, (Lectures), The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, (2007-2010).
  • Literature in Modern Muslim Societies (Lectures), The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, (2008).
  • Narrative and Culture (Co-Designed and convened), Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilization, London, (2006-2008).
  • Modern and Classical Arabic: Texts and contexts, (Lectures), The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, (2005-2007).
  • Literature in Classical Muslim Societies (Lectures), The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, (2005-2006).
  • Modern and Classical Arabic Language, Literature, and comparative literature (Tutorials), SOAS, University of London, UK (2004-2006).

Recent Publications:


Selected articles and book chapters:

  • “Syrian intellectuals and the media: Competing narratives and discursive wars”, in The Syrian Uprising 2011-2014: Roots and Trajectories, edited by Raymond Hinnebusch and Jasmine Gani, published by Routledge and St-Andrews University, UK, 2002.
  • Syrian Ismailis and the Arab Spring: Seasons of Death and White Carnations", in Middle Eastern Minorities and the Arab Spring: Identity and Community in the Twenty-First Century, edited by K. S. Parker and T. E. Nasrallah, Gorgias Press LLC (2017).
  •  “Muḥāḍarāt ‘an al-ḥarakah al-Adabīyah fī Ḥalab, 1800-1950, Lectures about the Literary Movement in Aleppo (1800-1950)”, by Sami al-Kayyali”, in (Encyclopaedia of Muslim Civilisations Abstracts Series), edited by Aptin Khanbaghi, The Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations (AKU-ISMC), (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014).
  • “Ibn al-Naqib: Sha’ir al-Tabi‘a al-Dimashqiyya, Ibn al-Naqib: The Poet of the Damascene Natural Landscape” (Encyclopaedia of Muslim Civilisations Abstracts Series) edited by Aptin Khanbaghi, (AKU-ISMC), (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014).
  • “Dimashq al-Sham and its Salihiyya, (Damascus of Syria and its Salihiyya Quarter through the Biography of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi”, (Encyclopedia of Muslim Civilizations Abstracts series), edited by Aptin Khanbaghi, (AKU-ISMC), (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014).
  • The Visual Narratives of the High Renaissance: From Aleppo’s Circle to New York’s Pen-Club”, Aram Journal, Vol. 25, no. 1&2, (2013).
  • “The poetics of the Iraqi War: Between Discursive Conflicts and Diasporic Discourse” Acta Orientalia Journal published by the Oriental Societies of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland Vol. 73 (2012).
  • “Arabs and Europe: Early Grounds of Cultural Encounters”, the Journal of Semitic Studies, Manchester University, (May 2012).

Other publications:

  • “Ibn Hani al-Andalusi”, in IB Tauris Biographical Dictionary of Islamic Civilization and Cultures, edited by Muhammad Abdel Haleem and Mustafa Shah, London: IB Tauris, (forthcoming)."
  • Khalil Mutran and Early Calls for Innovation and Modernity, the Journal of Arabic Literature, the Union of Arab Writers, Damascus, (Fall 2010).
  • “Literature between Aesthetic Preoccupations and Socio-Political Tasks”, Mokarabat Journal Published by Damascus Centre for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies, Vol. 14-15, (October 2010).
  • The Arab American Poets: Between Land of Liberty and Literary Exile, Aram Journal, Aram Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, University of Oxford Vol. 21, No. 1 (2009).
  • “Arabs and Cultural Dependency in the Light of Modern Cultural Studies”, Mokrabat, (Winter 2006).
  • “Al-Thaqafa bayna al-Mu’assasat al-Thaqafiyya wa al-Jama’at al-Thaqafiyya: Culture between Cultural Institutions and Cultural Groups”, in Mukarabat, Winter 2005.

Further Info:

  • Fellow of HEA (The Higher Education Academy), UK.
  • Member of the International Society of Writers “PEN”, London.
  • Member of UCU University and College Union in UK, (UCU)
  • Member of Euro-Mediterranean Network of Human Rights, Denmark.
  • Member of the Union of Arab Journalists, Cairo and Damascus.
  • Member of Damascus Centre for Theoretical and Civil Right Studies, Sweden.
Photograph of Otared Haidar