Otared Haidar


Instructor in Arabic

Faculty / College Address:

Oriental Institute



Research Interests:

  • Arabic and Comparative literature, Literary Theory and Media

Current Projects:

  • Literature of the Arab Wars and Conflicts
  • Early Grounds of the Arab Renaissance

Courses Taught:

  • Modern Media Arabic
  • Arabic text
  • Media: Culture and Society
  • Arabic Prose

Recent Publications:



  • “Aleppo: The First Early-Modern Ground for Arab-European Cultural encounters”, the Journal of Semitic Studies, Manchester University (May 2012). See the links: 
  • Khalil Mutran and Early Calls for Innovation and Modernity, the Journal of Arabic Literature, the Union of Arab Writers, Damascus, Fall 2010.
  • “Al-adab bayna inshigalatihi al-jamaliyya wa mahammatihi al-ijtima’iyya wa al-siyasiyya”,“Literature between Aesthetic Preoccupations and Socio-Political Tasks”, Mokarabat Journal Published by Damascus Centre for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies, Vol. 14-15, October 2010. See the link: http://www.mokarabat.com/index.m14-15.htm
  • The Arab American Poets: Between Land of Liberty and Literary Exile, Aram Journal, Vol. 21, No. 1 (2009), Aram Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, University of Oxford. See link:  http://poj.peeters-leuven.be/content.php?url=issue&journal_code=ARAM&issue=0&vol=21
  • “The poetics the Iraqi War: Between Discursive Conflicts and Diasporic Discourse” Acta Orientalia Journal, University of Oslo, Norway (Forthcoming).
  • The Prose Poem: A Cross-Cultural Discourse of Modernity, A Comparative Study,  (Forthcoming), Jusur Journal, The Syrian General Organization of Book, Damascus.
  • “Ibn Hani al-Andalusi”,  in IB Tauris Biographical Dictionary of Islamic Civilization and Cultures, edited by Muhammad Abdel Haleem and Mustafa Shah, London: IB Tauris) (Forthcoming).
  • “Ibn al-Naqib: The Poet of the Damascene Natural Landscape” and “Damascus of Syria and its Salihiyya Quarter through the Biography of Shaykh ‘Abd al Ghani al-Nabulsi”  and “Lectures about the Literary Movement in Aleppo”, (1800-1950),in Encyclopaedia of Muslim Civilisations Abstracts Series, edited by Aptin Khanbaghi, The Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilizations (AKU-ISMC), (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press), (Forthcoming).

Further Info:

  • Member of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
  • Member of the British Association of Writers (Pen)
  • Editor of the journal Mokarabat
Photograph of Otared Haidar