CHAN Pak-ka Parker 陳柏嘉 (CHEN Bojia)


  • DPhil Oriental Studies

Working Thesis Title:

  • Successively Receiving from Masters: The Developmental History of Classical Interpretations in Han Dynasty China (206 BC-220) 遞稟師承——漢代經學家派孳乳史考


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Research Interests:

  • History of Chinese classics
  • Classical interpretation
  • Canonisation of classics
  • Chinese philosophy (pre-Qin)
  • Chinese literature (poem and novel)

My main research interests lie in pre-Han and Han Chinese texts. I am now conducting the doctoral research project on the interpretative history of Chinese classics in Han dynasty which involves re-interpreting extant historical records and studying newly excavated writings and overseas findings. The research is fully supported by Hop Wai Research Grant donated by Prof. LEE Hon-ching 利漢楨教授 in collaboration with the D.C. Lau Research Centre for Chinese Ancient Texts 劉殿爵中國古籍研究中心, where I currently hold an Honourary Research Assistant position.

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