Sarah Puetzer


Pembroke College


DPhil in Oriental Studies

Thesis Title:

Negotiating Space and Gender in the Works of Murata Sayaka and Saihate Tahi

Educational Background:

MSc Japanese Studies, University of Oxford

MA Comparative Literature and Art, Potsdam University

BA Comparative Literature / Japanese Studies, Free University of Berlin and University of Tsukuba

Research Interests:

- Comparative Literature
- Modern Japanese Literature (1900-today)
- Gender and Sexuality

My dissertation project examines how Japanese contemporary writers, and Murata Sayaka and Saihate Tahi in particular, negotiate gender and space within their works as well as how their works interact with and impact social spaces outside their writings. Based on a close reading of a selection of Murata’s and Saihate’s works as well as an analysis of the discourses on gender and space these texts are embedded in, this research project provides an analysis of not only the ways in which Murata Sayaka and Saihate Tahi reproduce, undermine or criticize established orders of social spaces in their writings, but also explores how their works impact social spaces outside their fictional borders, focusing on Saihate’s poetic experiments in digital and urban spaces in particular.

Recent Publications:

Hans-Christian Stillmark, Sarah Puetzer (ed.): Inseln der Hoffnung - Literarische Utopien in der Gegenwart [‘Islands of Hope - Contemporary Literary Utopias’]. Berlin: Weidler, 2018.

Sarah Puetzer