Yuanyuan Su 蘇園園


Pembroke College

Course & Supervisor:

DPhil in Oriental Studies; Under the supervision of Prof. Tian Yuan Tan




Educational Background:

MA in Chinese Literature, SOAS, University of London.

BA in Literature, History and Philosophy; minor in Law and Business Studies, Wuhan University. (graduated a year early)


Research Interests:

At SOAS, University of London, Yuanyuan developed her interest in Manchu literature, especially the zidishu 子弟書 (youth tales), a storytelling genre prevalent among Manchu bannermen in the mid and late Qing dynasty (around 1735-1912). Moving to Oxford and under the continued supervision of Prof. Tian Yuan Tan, her current research is a first attempt to challenge previous zidishu’s authorship attribution by generating a new linguistic methodology. As an ERC TEXTCOURT Project research assistant, she is mainly in charge of the digital catalogue. Also, she applies digital humanities methods, e.g., TEI (Text Encoding Initiative), to Chinese manuscripts. For a recent application of it, please see here

Yuanyuan is a DPhil Associate at the University of Oxford China Centre.



Presented a paper entitled: "Pride and Guilt: The Individual Voice and Multiple Roles of a Qing Imperial Clansman" at the University of Oxford on "Conceptualizing Court Literature with New Methodologies", December 2021.

Presented an individual paper entitled: "The Manchu Voices: A Linguistic Method on Zidishu's Authorship Attribution” at the 2021 Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, March 2021.

Presented a paper entitled: “Honglou meng zidishu zuozhe wenti chutan” 紅樓夢子弟書作者問題初探 (A Preliminary Study of Authorship of the Youth Tales Adapted from The Dream of the Red Chamber) at 3rd Annual Conference on "Drama and Popular Literature", Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou), August 2019.

Yuanyuan Su