Ziru Chen


Kellogg College

Course and Supervisor:

DPhil Oriental Studies (Cinema and Media Studies, Oxford-Kaifeng Scholar)

Supervised by Professor Margaret Hillenbrand



Thesis Title:

The Sensory Aesthetic of Contemporary East Asian Art Cinema

Educational Background:

BA  Tsinghua University

MSt  University of Oxford  (Distinction, KS Scholar in Chinese Art)

Research Interests:

Media Aesthetics; East Asian Cinemas; Transmediality; Media Ecology; the Politics of Documentary; the Digital Sensations

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

"Escaping the AI Image in Circuit in the White Cube", Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present/14 Conference, Seattle, 2023.

The 19th European Association for Japanese Studies Workshop for Doctoral Students, Leuven, 2023.

“The Unsettled Directorship of Meishi Street”, Oxford-Freiburg Workshop "Visual Cultures and Cultures of Reading in the PRC", Oxford, 2023

"Meishi Street as an Under-Directed Documentary", Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, forthcoming.

"The Post-Cinema Effects of Traditional Cinema Formats", Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Denver, 2023.

“Aesthetic Estrangement of the Reality Effect in Contemporary East Asian Art Cinema", Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Online, 2022.

"The Long Take as an Ecological Technique in The Assassin", American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference, Online, 2022.

Courses Taught: 

Counter-Culture in the Cultural Revolution (BA Hons and MPhil, 2023)

Contemporary Chinese Cinema (BA Hons and MPhil, 2023)