Research Centre for Japanese Language and Linguistics

The Research Centre for Japanese Language and Linguistics was created in March 2009 within the Faculty of Oriental Studies to function as an umbrella for research activities related to Japanese language and linguistics through the University.

The Centre also serves as a forum for publicizing teaching, seminars, lectures, and other activities of interest to Japanese linguistics, and as a point of access to information for prospective graduate students interested in Japanese language and linguistics. The Centre welcomes academic visitors to the University who work within Japanese linguistics.

In addition to the Centre's membership of staff and graduate students from the Faculty of Oriental Studies and the new Faculty of Linguistics and our visiting scholars, the Centre also has a membership of external affiliates who have a connection with the Centre and its members, for example through joint research projects.

A major research project hosted within the Centre is theĀ Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese. The research of the members of the Centre is wide-ranging, from acquisition of Japanese as a foreign language to reconstruction of proto-Japanese morphology.

Visit the main project site here.