Traditional China MSt

Wang Xizhi by Qian Xuan. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The MSt in Traditional China provides students with an opportunity to develop the skills needed for research on pre-modern and early modern China. It is designed to stand independently as a one-year qualification which can lead on to further study elsewhere, but also to provide the standard training required by graduate students here in Oxford aiming at a thesis degree in pre-modern and early modern Chinese Studies.

On the course you will work closely with certain members of Oxford’s internationally renowned team of specialist researchers from the China Centre, who will help you to tailor your master's degree to suit your needs and interests. Most of the teaching will be on an individual basis or in very small groups.

Among the many students who take up Chinese Studies in their undergraduate years there are always some who want to take their interest a step further, and possibly even move on to doctoral research. But in this field undergraduate studies never quite bring a student to a point where independent work becomes possible. Training is required, and it needs to be intensive and quite technical. This course aims to meet that need, and over the years it has brought several generations of students to the threshold of successful doctoral thesis work. They have come from varied backgrounds and different parts of the world – not only Britain, but also Canada, USA, continental Europe, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. One great benefit of the course is to bring together students from all those different backgrounds so that they stimulate and enrich one another’s work.

Oriental Studies graduates have found employment in many and diverse fields including business, finance, law, civil service, journalism, government and industry. Many graduates undertake further research into subjects linked with Oriental studies and have pursued successful careers in the academic world, education and in museums.

For further information please refer to the MSt Traditional China 2018-19 Course Handbook.

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