A Conversation with Cha Inpyo 

Korean Wave (Hallyu) is taking the world by storm. K-Pop, K-dramas, K-films, and K-food have all gained immense popularity, and now Korean literature is stepping into the global spotlight. However, there are still limited opportunities for international audiences to discover Korean authors and their works. To bridge this gap, the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford is launching the annual "Korean Literature Night" event to introduce rising Korean authors to Europe.

A Conversation with Cha Inpyo
Renowned primarily for his illustrious acting career, Cha Inpyo is also an accomplished writer. His novel, Once We Look at the Same Star (언젠가 우리가 같은 별을 바라본다면), tackles the delicate issue of comfort women, delivering a profound message of reconciliation and forgiveness. The book has garnered acclaim for its sensitive portrayal of this poignant aspect of Korean modern history, offering a pathway to healing. It is currently being translated into English, German, and French.

The event, moderated by Professor Jieun Kiaer from the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, will explore the novel’s themes of reconciliation and healing. The discussion will delve into the inspirations behind Cha Inpyo’s compelling narrative, his vision as a novelist, and his aspirations for future generations. Additionally, attendees will gain insight into his forthcoming literary projects.
Following the discussion, there will be a Q&A session, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage directly with Cha Inpyo.

Ioannou Centre for Classical & Byzantine Studies
Faculty of Classics
University of Oxford
66, St. Giles’

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