K-Pop from the Godfather of K-Pop and BTS

A K-Pop Extravaganza at the Historic Sheldonian Theatre: An interview with Kim Hyung-Suk and Concert. All Age Event.

Oxford University will host Kim Hyung-Suk at the historic Sheldonian Hall, a venue traditionally used for Western classical music. This marks the first time an Asian pop artist will perform there, highlighting Oxford's commitment to diversity and inclusion through transformative tradition.

Kim Hyung-Suk will discuss the future of K-Pop, the role of AI in music, and the rise of virtual singers in the metaverse. This event offers a unique opportunity to hear from a composer who envisions K-Pop's future intertwined with AI, the metaverse, and education.

Kim will engage with academics and the public, exploring the potential coexistence of humans and AI in music and how non-human virtual singers can capture the hearts of fans. In addition to his discussions, Kim will perform a small concert with a K-Pop artist featuring his hit songs. He has collaborated with Professor Jieun Kiaer and her team at Oxford to create a textbook teaching Korean through K-Pop. On this day, he will perform a "Hangul song," a Korean Alphabet song with lyrics by Professor Kiaer.

About Kim Hyung-Suk 

Kim Hyung-Suk, often hailed as a K-Pop guru, is a celebrated composer, producer, and educator. His notable students include JYP's Park Jin Young and HYBE's Bang Si Hyuk, earning him the title "Godfather of BTS." Currently, Kim is passionate about promoting 'sustainable' K-Pop and is advocating for the establishment of an international K-Pop school in South Korea. K-pop is about to start!


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