Brittany Khedun-Burgoine


Hertford College


DPhil Oriental Studies (Korean)


Educational Background:

2018 - DPhil candidate in Oriental Studies (under the continued supervision of Prof. Jieun Kiaer)

AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership student

2017 - MSt in Korean Studies, University of Oxford. Distinction

Oxford-Wolfson Min Sunshik Graduate Scholarship in Modern Korean Literature recepient

Thesis: The International K-Pop Fandom and Fandom Lexicon: The Globalisation of Korean Words Through Social Media

2016 - BA Chinese and Korean (language), School of Oriental and African Studies.

Research Interests:

My research revolves around sociolinguistic study of the English-speaking international (non-native Korean) K-Pop/K-Drama fandom. Specifically, I use data collected from social media platforms to assess how the online fandom of Korean popular culture globalise Korean origin words in the English language, including culturally specific lexicon such as kinship terms (oppa, unnie, noona, hyung). Using a wide range of methodologies including corpus linguistics, my current DPhil aims to provide comprehensive insight and analysis of the link between social media, fandom and language. Currently I am conducting research into the "queering" of Korean kinship terminology. My wider interests include the role social media and recent digital technologies have played in the proliferation of translingual words and the impact this has had on World Englishes.

Recent Publications and/or Conferences:

"Korean Wave in World Englishes." Khedun-Burgoine & Kiaer, Routledge (forthcoming). 

"Translingual Words: An East Asian Lexical Encounter with English" (Chapter 3 written in collaboration) Kiaer, Routledge (2018).

"Touch Me Unnie: Korean Kinship Terms in Lesbian Romantic Fanfiction" conference paper presented at the Fan Studies Network Conference. University of Portsmouth, 2019.

"Unnie, Onni or Eonni: How Speakers of World Englishes Mediate the Forms and Meanings of Korean Kinship Terms" conference paper presented at the 24th International Conference of the International Association of World Englishes. University of Limerick, 2019.

"Korean Kinship Terms in Queer English Language Fanfiction" conference paper presented at the 6th World Congress for Hallyu Studies. Kansai Gaidai University, 2018

"Translingual Words and Social Media: Are They Korean Words or English Words?" (with Kiaer) conference paper presented at the 12th International Conference of the Asian Association of Lexicography. Krabi, 2018

Brittany Khedun-Burgoine